Answer:  It is strongly advisable to make a Will in Spain if you have property or other assets here.  Your loved ones
left behind will thank you for it as it really does make things a lot more straightforward for them, not to mention
saving a huge amount on legal, translation and other fees.  Your
English Will can remain in place to cover your
English assets (and they should state that they only apply to your English assets and do not conflict with your
Spanish Will to avoid any possible confusion with either Will at a later date) although do remember to review them
benefit (new grandchildren, for example) are covered.
Making a Spanish Will is a fairly simple process and we will help you at every step.  As a foreigner, you are
allowed to leave your assets in Spain to whoever you wish although talk to us first if there is any risk of the Will being
challenged at a later date by, for instance, a family member you are cutting out of your Will.  You simply give us your
instructions as to what you want to happen and we go with you to the notary for the signing of the Will and translate for
you.  The Will is prepared in English and Spanish.  After signing, it is registered at a central registry in Madrid so there
is no question of it being lost.

Your grown up children will need to get their NIE´s (número de identificación de extranjero) before they can
inherit.  These can easily be arranged by us, perhaps when they are over here on a holiday visit rather than wait until
they are going through the inheritance process after you have gone.

Our fees for a Spanish Will are very competitive for one person and for a married couple where each will is a “mirror
image” of the other.  Our fees include notary´s fees.

Arrange your Wills both Spanish and English right here on the Costa Blanca in Spain.
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Question We have property in Spain and we also have some savings in England where
our grown up children live.  We made Wills in England before we moved to Spain.  Do we
now have to make Spanish Wills as well?
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