David King (Gestor Services & Translator, Notary visits, NIE´s)

Living and working in Spain for over 29 years David has a wealth of local
knowledge built up over many years of owning businesses on the Costa
Blanca and with more than 10 years previous experience working for local
Spanish and English lawyers and with Gestorias.

Specialising in all manner of applications he is well placed to deal with town
halls and knows who is who at local authority level.  David can also assist
you with both Spanish and English
Wills, conveyancing, contracts, probate
etc.  With a close working relationship with several local notaries David can
assist you with all matters requiring notary services which he can deal with
on your behalf or with you at any notary as required when buying or selling
property, making Spanish Wills etc.

Originally from Wales David is now about as Spanish as it is possible to be!
For clients who require Notary services or need a translator he is your point
of contact.  Often clients come to see us with a local
Spanish bureaucracy
problem that needs resolving.  David is the person who will know exactly
where to go and who to see and will usually have the solution before you
know it. Hw has successfully fast tracked many a bureaucratic nightmare on
behalf of clients who previously did not know which way to turn. David
speaks your language, Spanish and Welsh too!

NOTE: David is not leaving the business and is working from home during
the change of business over the next few months.

He is not an English Solicitor of course, but you do not require one in Spain
for most legal processes and they do not
actually have any jurisdiction to
deal with Spanish law in any way.

Contact Email - david@expresslegalspain.com  Tel 638 898 912
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